Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blue Mountains Hike

Last weekend I set out on a solo hike to the Blue Mountains of Oregon. It was a long hike, approximately 8.5 hours, 4500', and 14 miles. However the scenery was tremendous and I saw nine mountain goats on the trip!

Blue Mountains Pictures!


Cathy said...

Apparently I can not spell so shall try this again. I said:
Great pictures, Zach! Grandma was impressed and so was I. It ALMOST made me want to try some hiking. You got some fantastic pics that would make great art for the wall.

zdv said...

I'm glad you liked the pictures and thank you for the compliments!

I've found the pictures can make great computer 'wallpaper' but I haven't yet tried them on the wall. Of course, I tend to not put anything up on the walls :-)

MomV said...

I am waiting to see the pictures of the dining room set.