Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Dining Room Table

Some of you have been clamoring for pictures of our dining room table. They are finally available!

Some background: Back in April, Katie and I decided to take a weekend trip to Salt Lake City (about a 4.5 hour drive from Boise). The purpose of this trip was threefold: get out of the house, do some sightseeing and shop at the Ikea for furniture. Specifically, we were interested in finding a dining room table since our current one is a "hand-me-down" that can seat no more than 4 people. We found a nice table and purchased it (assembly required of course - this is Ikea we're talking about!). However the assembly project progressed slowly due to my time commitments with school, general procrastination, and some demoralizing mishaps encountered during the assembly of one of the chairs.

Alas, we finally finished the "dining room table assembly project" this past Tuesday. Below are pictures of the table (yes, we went for bold colors!):

Also, here are some other pictures from our trip:

Salt Lake City Trip Pictures!


Dave said...

i dig the interior design work...who did it? Verne Yip? or some other name from trading spaces I forget? I like the opposite place mats. tell katie to respond to my emails :-)

zdv said...

I lobbied hard for the boldly colored table. Katie gets the mad props for the placemats though!

MomV said...

The dining set is very European looking. More props are needed!