Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Summary

It seems Fall has officially arrived here in Boise. The weather has cooled significantly and we got some rain for the first time in two months. Alas, no hiking this weekend!

On Saturday, Katie and I indulged and got the 'all you can eat' chicken fingers at Applebee's. That was pretty much our only food of the day! We also saw the movie 'Burn After Reading'. It is a dark comedy and Katie and I both enjoyed it.

Today we met Gary for lunch at Cracker Barrel. Bonnie was out of town visiting her Mom in Colorado so it was just the three of us. After that we did our weekly grocery shopping and I watched some football and mowed the lawn.

One final note: we made more progress assembling our mythical dining room table, so we will probably be ready to announce its completion soon!


Katie said...

What I discovered is that "All you can eat" chicken fingers is not too much more than a "normal" portion (at least for the two of us!). White Spot's chicken fingers are still the best, but Applebee's chicken fingers come close. Too bad that the last two times we've been to that restaurant (once a year ago, and once this weekend), the waitstaff felt the need to run the full-size roaring vaccuum cleaner right beside us...for 5 minutes. Very soothing. Oh, and Brad Pitt was hilarious in Burn After Reading..he totally made the movie, along with the actor who used to play the balding psychiatrist on the original Law & Order...he was great, too! Yeah, I just posted a comment on my own blog...I'm a dork like that!

Dave said...

dork. how was john malkovich? and truly how many chicken fingers can one eat?