Monday, October 13, 2008

Canadian Thanksgiving!

Liz and Ian drove from Vancouver on Wednesday for a Canadian Thanksgiving Day* visit. On Saturday evening, Greg and Dave arrived via airplane. Despite the unseasonably cold weather (see previous post), everyone had a great time.

On Sunday, Liz and Katie prepared and excellent Thanksgiving dinner. During this time, the guys (myself included) were relegated to watching football games. In addition to the Shepherd family, my Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Gary were in attendance. The dinner included all of the traditional courses: turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots, green beans, stuffing, and dinner rolls (courtesy of Bonnie). Liz made excellent apple pie for dessert as well. As you can see, everyone is having a great time! For reference, the picture includes (in clockwise order) Bonnie, Gary, Katie, Ian, Greg, Dave, and Liz.

On Monday, we took a few family photos in our backyard. Here is the Shepherd family, including the Shepherd family dog Cassie!

From the Vickery and Shepherd families, we wish everyone a happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

[*]: For those readers unfamiliar with the difference, Canadian Thanksgiving is an entirely different holiday from American Thanksgiving and occurs on the second Monday in October. The Shepherd family custom is for the dinner to occur on the prior Sunday.


MomV said...

It looks like the table was big enough to accomodate the whole crew.

zdv said...

Yes the new table worked perfectly. With 0 leaves it can seat 4, with 1 leaf it can seat 6, and with both leaves in it can seat 8.

We did have to use the old table as a serving table, which is visible in the background.