Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kepros Mountain Kayak/Hike

On Sunday I enjoyed the gorgeous weather and partook in my first Spring hike up nearby Kepros Mountain. Rather than hike this peak in the usual manner (which I have done twice before), I decided to use my inflatable kayak to approach it from a nearby marina. Rather than a long hike from the south, I instead would experience a shorter (but steeper) hike along the peak's northwest ridge.

I slept in a little bit and didn't begin paddling until just after noon. The kayak portion went smoothly and after leaving the kayak on the shore I began the ascent of Kepros Mountain. Despite feeling a little out of shape during the ascent, I made steady progress and reached the summit around 2:25pm. This peak really does have a great 360° view of the mountains surrounding Boise! After the usual summit rituals I sent Katie a text message from the summit and then descended. The descent was uneventful and I returned to the marina just after 4pm.

This was really an ideal Spring hike; great weather, a "dual sport" ascent, some intensity (but not too much), good views, and the ability to see a new aspect of a familiar peak. Another kayak/hike to nearby Grape Mountain is planned!

Trip statistics: 1.25 miles kayaked, 5.5 miles hiked, 2500' gain, 4 hours.

Kepros Mountain Pictures!


MomV said...

Do you have a kayak now, or did you rent one?

zdv said...

I purchased an inflatable flatwater kayak on our summer camping trip last year. I used it on Arrow Lake (near Nakusp) and had a lot of fun. Since then it has languished in the garage until being used on this trip.