Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Salmon River Mountains Hike

Last Saturday, as I was returning from Smiley Mountain Dan started texting me about going on a Sunday hike. I had planned to sleep in and take it easy, but the trip sounded interesting and eventually I agreed to go. Of course, it helped that Katie said she didn't mind being a hiking widow this weekend :-)

We left Boise early Sunday morning and got to the trailhead just after 9am. By 9:20 we were on our way. We made good time on the steep road that leads high up the slopes of Mt Jordan. At about 11:45am we summited Mt Jordan and took in the spectacular views of most of Idaho's central mountains. After spending some time on the summit, we headed over to The General, our second objective for the day. We made it over there around 1:20pm and once again got to enjoy tremendous views.

Our hike out was highlighted by us finding a game trail that allowed us to avoid re-climbing Mt Jordan. After getting back to the truck, we each downed a beer and headed to the Mountain Village Inn in Stanley for dinner. I think I ate my chicken burger in about five minutes - it was exactly what I needed!

Trip statistics: 8 miles, 3500', 7 hours

Salmon River Mountains Hike Pictures!
Dan's Trip Report

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SusanR said...

Glad your hike went well and I bet that food did taste good after all your work. Hope the buyout works great for you.