Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

For the third consecutive year, Katie and I traveled to Vancouver for Christmas. After getting up at 5am MST on Christmas Eve, we arrived in Bellingham about 9am and met Megan and Dave at the airport. We proceeded to do some shopping before grabbing lunch at Jack in the Box. Sadly our quest for See's Chocolates was aborted... they had run out of chocolates! By the time we got to Vancouver it was mid-afternoon...which meant it was time for my nap! After Panago pizza for dinner, we attended the Christmas Eve service at Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church. After the service, we socialized at the Trant household for a couple of hours. It was good to meet more of the Trant family, puzzle over whatsits, and drink some nice scotch. Upon returning to the Shepherd house, we wrapped presents and performed other preparations for Christmas Day.

On Christmas Day we had the traditional brunch and present opening followed by the evening dinner. It was great getting to catch up with everyone and of course the food was amazing! Also, I opened several nice gifts and a well-stuffed stocking. Thank you everyone for your generosity!

Boxing Day (12/26) was pretty uneventful... about all we did was meet Greg and Carmina for lunch at Dave's restaurant, Cravings. My omelet was awesome - thanks Dave!

On Sunday we all attended a service at the church where the last of Ian's ashes were placed in the memorial garden which he established and maintained. It was the strongest of many reminders that it was the first Christmas since his passing. We all miss you Ian!

Monday we awoke at 4am to return to Boise. The idea was to get to Boise at 9am and then go to work that day. Sadly, we got to the airport less than 30 minutes before departure and the evil airline (Horizon) had given away our tickets to standby passengers. Katie was able to board standby but I had to wait in the Bellingham terminal for another flight five hours later. I spent a little bit of time with Dave and Greg (who had driven us to Bellingham) but sadly there is little to do in "The City of Subdued Excitement" at 5am. After stops in Seattle and Portland (and some beer), I arrived in Boise at 5:30pm. Katie worked all day and picked me up at the airport. Fortunately I only had to work one day that week - I got the 30th, 31st, and 1st off!

Christmas 2009 Pictures!

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