Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vinegar Hill Hike

Dan and I were both available on the 5th for a hike. Because the weather in Idaho wasn't great, we opted for Vinegar Hill, a prominent peak in eastern Oregon where the weather was better.

We weren't sure how far up the road we could get but we made it roughly 7.5 miles in from the highway. There was more snow that we expected which wasn't a great match for the trail running shoes I brought. However the snow wasn't a major obstacle... a little bit soft but no major post-holing occurred. The trip was actually shorter than we expected... a rarity for a hiking trip! The weather was perfect and we both enjoyed the great summit views in all directions! Another fine hike in eastern Oregon!

This was also my first hike with my new GPS watch - so now I can provide super-accurate trip data. The things I do for my audience!

Trip statistics: 6.74 miles, 2076' elevation gain, 4:35h

Vinegar Hill Trip Pictures!
Dan's Trip Report


MomV said...

Yes, I am sure you bought the watch for your audience........I was impressed that it gave a calorie count.

Cathy said...

Quite the piece of equipment. You do spoil us with the accurate info to say nothing of having a nifty piece of technology with which to play!

zdv said...

The calorie count isn't accurate since I always have it set on the wrong activity type (e.g. set to cycling while hiking) and I can't figure out how to make it recalculate.

The watch is pretty cool... I'm still figuring it out!