Thursday, January 13, 2011

Peak 4460' Hike

Dan suggested a hike in the foothills and we ultimately decided upon Peak 4460'. I was a little hesitant about my still ailing achilles/ankle/heel area but decided to get out anyway. Fortunately it held up pretty well for the hike but it did start barking a little bit in the evening. It seems to be getting better, albeit quite slowly...

We headed up Bogus Basin Rd a little after 7am. Dan also wanted to climb Peak 3793' (which I climbed last November) so we make a quick ascent at dawn before heading to the main objective. Since the ground was frozen and only lightly covered with snow, we didn't even need snowshoes. The hike was quite enjoyable - I personally had never been in the foothills when all of the creeks were iced like they were on this day. Once on top we got some great winter views of the Treasure Valley and the surrounding area. Of course, it is always great to catch up with Dan as well! While a small peak, this is an enjoyable winter objective close to home!

Trip statistics (total): 4 hours, 7.5 miles, 2200' elevation gain

Peak 4460' Pictures!
Dan's Trip Report

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