Sunday, June 19, 2011

Katie's another year older!

As most of our loyal followers know, yesterday was my birthday - yep, I'm 24 - you guessed correctly! ;-) Zach left eaaaarly in the morning for a hike with his buddy Matt - he'll be posting separately about that, I'm sure. Matt's moving down to Salt Lake City to go to Grad School, so it was probably their last hike together.
I enjoyed a leisurely morning, complete with sleeping in & looking outside to realize that the weather was much poopier than anticipated! It was drizzly & icky...didn't the weatherman realize it was my birthday?! Anyway, my day was quiet - I talked to a couple of friends on the phone, and then headed over to Target to wander the aisles for awhile. I headed home, did some reading (I recently finished The Help, which was excellent, and am now working on A Recipe For Bees, which is also proving very good.
After a little TV watching, Zach came home & we headed out for a fantastic dinner at a local Italian restaurant called Gino's (I can't provide a link to their website, because they don't have one!). The food was wonderful - I had amazingly light, fluffy gnocchi in a cheese sauce, and Zach loved his Chicken Parmigiana...we also had some calamari that had a very light batter & were served with excellent marinara sauce. YUM!
After that deliciousness, we went to see the new Steven Spielberg movie, Super 8, which was quite good - it reminded me a lot of ET or The Goonies, from back in the 80's - a group of kids witness a train wreck & then spend the movie trying to figure out what happened.

So, that's the story of my 24th (!) birthday :-)
Happy Birthday (June 17th) to my Mother-In-Law, Jan!!



MomV said...

It sounds like we both had nice birthday's. If you are 24 that makes me 54. Of course, I was cheering the rain that came on mine---we are dry, dry, dry, and I was tired of smellling smoke. I forgot to tell Zach that we ate at Creekside. I had their Pork loin special and Ron did the plank chicken. My book of the momemt is "Red Bones".........a mystery. I didn't get a movie, though.

Cathy said...

Sounds like you both had great birthdays - better than mine in Feb during which a blizzard hit and I was stranded in Winnipeg at Gord & Cheryl's!! I did get in a couple of movies though and a nice dinner before attempting the aborted trip home. June is a much nicer month weatherwise in which to have a birthday!