Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This year for Thanksgiving Katie, Claire, and I met Gary and Bonnie for dinner.  This year dinner was at Berryhill & Co., an upper-end casual restaurant in downtown Boise.  They had a buffet which featured turkey, roast beef, ham, an excellent salad, bread (yum), mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables, pasta, and various dessert dishes including pumpkin pie.  It was very good and made for a very enjoyable Thanksgiving evening!  Oh and Claire was very quiet throughout dinner!

The rest of the weekend was dominated by football watching and Christmas decorating.  There will be a separate blog post on the decorations but for now we have a few more Claire pictures!

Claire Thanksgiving Pictures
Claire's Bath Video
Claire Babbling Video

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Granite Peak Hike

Dan put together a trip with Michael and Sean to visit Granite Peak in Nevada.  After minimal deliberation, I decided to join.  We left Boise just after 6am on Sunday and began the long drive down to northern Nevada.  It was just after 10am when we parked at the trailhead above Hinkey Summit and below Granite Peak.  From the start, it was a relatively quick hike up and down the peak at just over two hours for the round trip.  The route was very straightforward (follow a fence line, then hike up) and got us to the top in a very direct fashion.  The summit block has some easy and fun class 3 climbing to finish off the ascent.  The summit views from Granite were impressive and were new vistas for all of us!

Since we drove so far, we weren't content for settling for one short hike.  We also climbed nearby Peak 8560+ and Buckskin Mountain before departing.  Both of these were very simple and direct ascents from nearby roads.  Michael's FJ Cruiser was very helpful in getting us close to these peaks!

In short, this was a great hike with two new hiking partners in a new area under beautiful Fall skies and warm weather.  Simply put, it was a great day!

Granite Peak Pictures!
GPS Track
Dan's Trip Report

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Claire - Halloween Update

Below are a few pictures of Claire in her various Halloween outfits and a duck costume courtesy of Katie's coworker Richard.  While Claire looks cute in the costume, she wasn't very happy with it and we were lucky to get any pictures where she wasn't fussing!

Also included are a few older pictures from my phone!

Claire - Halloween Pictures