Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Decorations

Usually we don't do much in the way of decoration, but this year we decided to up the ante a bit.  Besides the usual tree and train, we put lights on the house, car, and my desk at work.  I got the idea for putting lights on the car from Ian and it has proven very popular here!

Christmas 2011 Decorations Pictures!
Train Video


MomV said...

You need more ornaments on your tree:)
Wow, I am impressed with the lights on the house since Dad never put them up on our house............and I like the ones on the car.
The train rolled out of the picture frame and I couldn't see it:(
I look forward to the pictures and videos of Claire.

Cathy said...

Lights are great on the house and the car! Your Mom is right abour the ornaments on the tree - needs more so shall work on that!!

Cathy said...

Better enjoy the train while you can 'cause next year Claire will be all over it!