Thursday, December 1, 2011

Peak 5140' Hike

A few weeks ago, I embarked on a short hike in the Boise foothills above Robie Creek.  The destination was Peak 5140', a little known peak in a mostly ignored area.  After driving up Robie Creek and over Crooked Summit I parked at a suitable spot and began hiking up up the west slopes of the peak.  The going was easy at first but got brushier as a I got higher.  After slogging for a bit, I eventually reached the summit which was simply a mass of brush with no views.  Disappointing, but not unexpected!

After a short time visiting the high areas in the brush, I decided I'd see if I could find a good route over to nearby Daggett Point.  I quickly found a good trail and made nice progress, however soon I was surfing through heavy brush again slowly descending toward Daggett Creek.  Since I had limited time, I chose to turn around and save Daggett Point for another day.

On the way out I decided to explore a third peak, Zephyr Ridge Point.  A little bit of hiking from Crooked Summit revealed it has a house on top and is part of the Wilderness Ranch subdivision.  At that point I lost interest and returned to the vehicle.  Only one peak, but it was nice to see a nearby area that is seldom hiked.

Peak 5140' Pictures
Trip statistics: 3h, 4 miles, 1600' elevation gain

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