Friday, March 30, 2012

Claire's First Food!

On Wednesday, March 28, Claire tried some solid food for the first time! We were having sweet potatoes for dinner, so I just stuck some of them into the food processor & whizzed it up (yes, that's a technical cooking term) with a little water. She ate maybe a teaspoonful altogether, but was pretty wary of them & mainly just looked weirded out by the whole experience! Here's some video footage of the hilarity.

Video of Claire trying out some Sweet Potatoes


Cathy said...

I am sure she is thinking " What the heck is that stuff? Yeechhhh - get it away from me."

MomV said...

She did pretty well for not knowing what she was eating.....and even swallered it!

Cathy said...

Like Jan said she did swallow it! Kudos to Claire. It is a good thing to broaden one's palate and try different foods.