Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Job and Pullman Trip

On March 5th I started a new job as a software engineer at Schweitzer Engineering Labs (SEL), based out of their Boise office.  For various reasons, it was time for a job change.  However starting this new job required that I spend three weeks in Pullman, Washington, for training.  We were able to stay in a three bedroom corporate apartment just across the street from the SEL campus.  We drove down from Boise on the 4th and this was mostly uneventful except for Claire crying during the last hour.  The plan was that the three of us would stay in Pullman for my first week and then Katie and Claire would spend the next two weeks with the Shepherd family in Vancouver (maybe Katie will blog about that?).

My first week at work was dominated by new employee orientation.  We spent some time getting to know Pullman during the week before the three of us left for Vancouver on the evening of Friday the 9th.  Claire cried during the first couple of hours of this trip but went to sleep for the rest of the ride.  We arrived in Vancouver around 1:30am and were tired!  I spent Saturday in Vancouver before heading back to Pullman on Sunday the 11th.

My next two weeks in Pullman were pretty predictable - working, getting trained, and checking out the area as best I could.  It was sad being away from my family for so long but I did get better sleep than usual!  The weather in Pullman was kind of crummy while I was there (lots of cold, rain, and snow) but there was a decent weekend that allowed me to hike nearby Kamiak Butte, drive up nearby Steptoe Butte, and snowshoe Mt Spokane and Mt Kit Carson outside of Spokane.  It's an interesting area for sure but I definitely like Boise a lot more!

On Thursday the 22nd Katie and Claire returned to Pullman after being driven down by Katie's siblings Megan and Dave.  They had a fun road trip together and we had a nice dinner at the South Fork Public House before going to bed.  Megan and Dave left Pullman on Friday morning and the three of us left right after I finished work on Friday evening.  Claire behaved pretty well on this final drive and we arrived in Boise around 12:45am on Saturday morning.  Instead of relaxing Saturday, I spent the day at the Boise Code Camp.  But at least Sunday was a relaxing day highlighted by brunch at Bob's Sunrise Cafe with Gary and Bonnie!

Pullman Pictures!
Kamiak Butte/Steptoe Butte Hike Pictures!
Mt Spokane/Mt Kit Carson Snowshoe Pictures!

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Cathy said...

Seems to have been a tad more snow at Mt Spokane & Kit Carson. I liked the one with the snow covered tree on the right side of the pic. Interesting terrain - almost rolling.