Monday, May 21, 2012

Claire Eight Month Update

Claire recently passed the eight month mark and here are some recent pictures and videos.  Enjoy!

Claire Eight Month Pictures!
Claire Excited About a Toy Video
Claire Eats Dinner Video
Claire With a Spoon Video
Claire in the Park Video
Claire Arm Waggle Video
Claire on the Rug Video
Claire Wants an Iced Coffee Video


MomV said...

Claire doesn't like grass, but she loves her spoon!!! She is a busy girl.

Cathy said...

All that arm waving is like Auntie Megan. She used to do that and rotate her ankles esp. when she was reading a book when she was a little older (potty training age). Claire is definitely not a fan of grass - she kind of looked like a breakdancer! Certainly growing up quickly.