Thursday, June 14, 2012

Claire Nine Month Update

Today is Claire's Nine Month anniversary of Claire's birthday.  In celebration, here is a photo and video update!

Claire Nine Month Pictures!
Claire Peek-a-Boo Video
Claire In a Swing Video
Claire With a Ball Video
Claire Rolling Around Video
Claire In Her High Chair Video
Claire Wants a Coaster Video
Claire In the Pool Video
Claire On the Rug Video


Cathy said...

No doubt Claire was frustrated with the rolling tube! Every time she tried to catch it it rolled away. I would be frustrated too! Liked the way the long arms reached out and snagged the coasters! She definitely was not happy with the water temp of the pool! In that pic of Claire, Penelope and Conrad at the pool they looked like birds in a nest waiting for a snack. Very funny! Of course, all were/are very cute!

zdv said...

We are very glad you liked the update!!