Thursday, January 3, 2013

Claire New Years 2013 Update

I know it's been a long time since the last blog post.  It's been really busy here and we apologize to all five of our readers!  This installment features various pictures and videos of Claire from the past three months or so.  The Christmas post will follow shortly.  Enjoy!

Claire New Years 2013 Pictures!
Claire on the Stairs Video
Claire Pumpkin Painting Video
Claire Pushes a Scooter Video
Claire Eats Whipped Cream Video
Claire Eating a Grilled Cheese Video


Cathy said...

Claire certainly made short work of the pumpkin pie! With regard to stairs I think she should be called YoYo - down, up,down,up,down... Very quick on the up but the latter part of the down seemed to lack total control! Cheese sandwich must have been good. That first bite really let go with a jerk. Next time take the crusts off like she was trying to do at the end. BTW when the doorbell rang I jumped up and ran downstairs to answer the door only to find no one there! Took me a bit to realize it was YOUR doorbell! LOL

MomV said...

I love Claire's belly slide approach to going down the stairs, snd even though she seemed to enjoy the cheese sandwich, I kept wondering when it was going to hit the floor:) Cathy, that was too funny about the doorbell............