Saturday, February 23, 2013

So old

Well my 34th birthday has come and gone.  This year my birthday landed on Presidents Day which again made me wish that holiday was taken more seriously.  Fortunately I did not work on my birthday (yay for that) but I was feeling pretty bad due to a cold and opted not to do a fun outdoor activity, despite the favorable weather.  Instead I slept in, went on a nose-blowy run, and spent the day with Katie and Claire.  We had a very nice dinner at Flatbread Community Oven and in lieu of a cake I also enjoyed some cupcakes from Sugar Rush Cupcakery (thank you Katie!) before opening presents.  Thank you everyone for the gifts!

It was a little disappointing to be ill on my birthday, but it could've been worse.  It finally broke on Wednesday and I'm happy to report that I now don't feel any older than I did a week ago!

Katie and Claire at birthday dinner:

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Cathy said...

Sorry I missed the day .... and that you were under the weather. FYI... the card is in the mail!