Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lockman Butte Hike

I hadn't hiked a peak since last August and finally found a good opportunity to remedy that.  Katie was meeting a friend for lunch so I decided on a mid-afternoon hike to Lockman Butte, an obscure summit near Mountain Home not far from I-84.  I wasn't sure how to best approach this "peak" and after driving around a bit I settled on an approach from the end of Canal Road on the northern fringe of Mountain Home.  From here it was about two miles each way, crossing a dry ditch, two fences and passing some grazing cows.

The hike was very straightforward and crossed terrain consisting of exclusively low grasses, sage, and a few volcanic rocks.  The wind was whipping out of the northwest but with temperatures in the 50s it wasn't unpleasant.  Along the way I saw numerous cows, (two of which were deceased), an antelope, and a rabbit.  The summit was actually surprisingly pleasant as it felt wilder than most other summits on the plain.  I couldn't believe there was no road to the top and in general there are few roads in the area.  The original surveyor's tripod (presumably from 1955) was still intact (but toppled) and the summit has expansive views of the plain which I really enjoy.

In retrospect, I think a better way to climb this peak is from Martha Ave. on the north side of the peak.  This can be reached from either the Simco Road I-84 exit or Canyon Creek Road north of Mountain Home.  Some dirt roads branch off from this road and approach the butte.  This would likely allow avoiding the fence crossings and grazing animals.

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Wow, it must have been really windy. I guess you get some gel and make it a permanent hairstyle:)