Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Claire Summer 2013 Update!

Well, it's been awhile since we blogged about anything.  Claire has been keeping us busy and she's been having lots of fun enjoying the warm weather.  Mostly she's been going to parks, tumbling at the Little Gym, playing in the yard, enjoying her copious toy collection, and participating in Skype calls with Grandma and Grandpa.  Here are some pictures and videos of the past few months!

Claire Summer 2013 Pictures!
Claire on the Bridge Video
Claire Climbs Video
Claire Splashing Video
Claire Gets a Medal Video
Claire on the Rings Video
Claire Balance Beam Video
Claire Checking Out Rocks Video
Claire Heel to Toe Video
Claire In Capitol Park Video
Claire in a Car Video


Cathy said...

1) Love the ghetto pool! I have one just like it! I did find the Mr. Turtle pool in the bsmt so may try and set it up and see if it works.
2) Claire is a gymnast in the making. She does well on the rings, balance bar (with help) and tumbling.

Cathy said...

Not too impressed with the car. Wait until she is 16 then watch her go! Was that a splash park with the water or just a fountain? How does she do with a real splash park? I am sure you must have a few down there. Thanks for the update. It looks like she is growing like a bad weed - except for the hair (which will come eventually).

Cathy said...

PS Glad you added Claire to the title!

zdv said...

The ghetto pool is great and was totally Katie's idea! It re-uses a storage box that we stopped using because it was too big to fit in our attic access.

The Little Gym is great. I wish I could do forward rolls with Claire but I don't feel like I'm built for such antics!

The water video was taken at a fountain in Meridian. There are some full blown splash parks in the area but they are pretty busy with bigger kids and I don't think Katie has taken Claire to one yet. We should definitely do it before the summer is over though!

Claire has gotten a lot more hair since the Spring - I feel like pretty soon she'll have a full head!

Cathy said...

That's the problem with the splash parks - bigger kids. They need some just for little kids - 5-6 and under. Claire is definitely more compact than you Zach so is easier to roll - just ask my rolly polly kitties!

Keep feeding her and the hair will eventually grow. Auntie Megan was the same - slow to get a head of hair.

MomV said...

It was so wonderful to see Little Missy in real life. I looked at the photos I took and it is hard to believe, but they are mostly of Claire..............she has a million expressions. Zach and Katie it was great to see you, too.